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You want next year to be the best.
You want to shift business focus.
You want to make more and work less.
You want staff to be more productive.
You want to find and keep great employees.
You are ready for the next level.
You call Rita Coco Consulting.

“Rita has always been a joy to work with since 2007. She was instrumental in helping our firm grow from 20%-35% each year. She helped us build our great culture and is truly an asset to any small business owner.”
— D.M., Shrewsbury, MA


You can have what you want

You’ve already made it. Now it is time for you to have the relationship you want with your business. This is called True Business Ownership. Never settle for less.

“I own several businesses and being an entrepreneur comes natural to me. Yet, I do not have a formal business background. I wanted to retire 3 years ago and I couldn’t. Now with Rita, I am planning to retire in the next two years. There is a lot I need to learn and it is like getting the business degree I never had! Rita gives me many ideas on how to grow my businesses. We strategize about human resources, marketing, finances, contracts, services, and sales – and my businesses have grown! I want to continue to grow but the main thing is that I want to work less and this is already happening with Rita’s help! I am so glad we met, glad she has been my business coach and consultant for three years, and looking to work with her for more years to come.”
—W.V., Milford, MA

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